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For those interested in women's literature. House of Commons. Standing Committee F.

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Rival hypotheses: alternative interpretations of data based conclusions, Schuyler W. Huck, Howard M. Sandler , , , Wehrheim, Logos System Associates , ,. In this session study, students explore the major events in the life and ministry of Jesus and in the life and challenges of the early church.

Reasoning Only! Scottish Office , , , Mathews , , , Between the third and sixth centuries, the ancient gods, goddesses, and heroes who had populated the imagination of humankind for a millennium were replaced by a new imagery of Christ and his saints. Thomas Mathews explores the many different, often surprising, artistic images and religious interpretations of Christ during this period. Suggesting that Christian images borrow from the rival imagery of the ancient gods, Mathews makes it possible to appreciate hitherto neglected aspects of Christ in the new art: Christ as magician, Christ as philosopher, Christ as androgynous.

Go to Sleep, Groundhog, Judy Cox , , , Poor Groundhog just can't sleep. He tosses. He turns. Finally, he gets out of bed and goes exploring. Outside his burrow he finds amazing sights he has never seen before: glowing jack-o'-lanterns, gobbling turkeys, and sparkling holiday lights. But shouldn't Groundhog be in bed? With no sleep how will he be able to get up for his big day?

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The Creolization of American Culture examines the artworks, letters, sketchbooks, music collection, and biography of the painter William Sidney Mount as a lens through which to see the multiethnic antebellum world that gave birth to blackface minstrelsy. As a young man living in the multiethnic working-class community of New York's Lower East Side, Mount took part in the black-white musical interchange his paintings depict. An avid musician and tune collector as well as an artist, he was the among the first to depict vernacular fiddlers, banjo players, and dancers precisely and sympathetically.

His close observations and meticulous renderings provide rich evidence of performance techniques and class-inflected paths of musical apprenticeship that connected white and black practitioners. Looking closely at the bodies and instruments Mount depicts in his paintings as well as other ephemera, Christopher J. Smith traces the performance practices of African American and Anglo-European music-and- dance traditions while recovering the sounds of that world.

The "Africanization" of Anglo-Celtic tunes created minstrelsy's musical "creole synthesis," a body of melodic and rhythmic vocabularies, repertoires, tunes, and musical techniques that became the foundation of American popular music. Reading Mount's renderings of black and white musicians against a background of historical sites and practices of cross-racial interaction, Smith offers a sophisticated interrogation and reinterpretation of minstrelsy, significantly broadening historical views of black-white musical exchange.

Michael Scarborough , , X, For millions of American workers, both blue- and white-collar, the k plan is the foundation on which they build their dreams of a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, all too many have their dreams shattered due to financial mismanagement. In k nowledge, real people explain how they set about using their companys k plans to fund their retirement goals. Some succeeded. Others didnt, with drastic consequences.

Compiled by J. Michael Scarborough, a pioneer in the field of k advice, the book is neither a lecture on financial responsibility nor a barrage of arcane concepts. Instead, the stories create a gripping narrative of how real-world actions can dramatically impact ones future, for the better and for the worse. From these all-too-familiar tales, readers begin to realize the gravity of their own decisions regarding their retirement. The authors 10 Steps to k Success help readers maximize their hard- earned savings. Book Committee , , , A Venetian Reckoning, Donna Leon , , , A lorry crashes on one of the treacherous bends in the Italian Dolomites, spilling a terrible cargo.

A prominent international layer is found dead in the carriage of an intercity train at Saint Lucia. Can the two tragedies possibly be connected? Commissario Guido Brunetti digs deep into the secret lives of the once great and good for the answer. For in a seedy Venetian bar lies the clue to an evil crime network reaching far beyond the laguna. But it will take another violent death in Venice before the forces of justice can even begin to proceed.

High Way Home, Nicholas Fisk , , , Committee on Finance. Subcommittee on Social Security and Family Policy , , , In the s, in the midst of a civil war, he provided medical attention and supplies to the people of Sierra Leone.

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He befriended a local nurse named Mariama Lahai and a doctor named Momodu, but lost contact when the conflict escalated to conflagration. His last memory of Sierra Leone is of Mariama delivering a beautiful baby girl to a tortured, mutilated mother just before armed rebels take the hospital. Grade 3 Reading, Eno Sarris , , , Our Kumon reading workbooks will use our famous step by step approach to help your child develop reading comprehension skills, which are an important ingredient to academic success.

Each title in the series features grade level appropriate vocabulary, and fun, colorful exercises. Our unique approach to reading, which includes elements of both phonics and whole language instruction, will make learning to read easy. Committee on Appropriations.

Change: It's Always a Possibility - Wendy Watson

Subcommittee on Energy and Water, and Related Agencies , , , The Learning Chest, , , , Select Committee on European Legislation , , , By the time Christmas Day arrives, an entire Nativity scene has been completed. Title 26 presents regulations, procedures, and practices that govern income tax, estate and gift taxes, employment taxes, and miscellaneous excise taxes as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. Additions and revisions to this section of the code are posted annually by April. Publication follows within six months.

The Oxford intermediate dictionary, A. Augarde , , X, Ramsbottom , , , Ashton , , , The Judas Cloak, Walter Winward , , , Arbitration Law Reports and Review, , ,. Belfast Scenery: In Thirty Views , , , , His efforts to find his brother bring him into contact with grave danger as well as with battered survivors of war like himself.

Cathy doesn't know what to expect when she goes to pick up Cousin Courtney at the airport. Somehow Cathy knows she's in for a wild summer. Soon she's trying to keep up with crazy Courtney in one outrageous adventure after another.

They're having a blast-until they play "I Spy" and think they seen a murder! Now they're in real trouble! What do they do now? Turkey Bowl, Phil Bildner , , , It's Thanksgiving, and that means it's time for Ethan has waited his whole nine-year-old life to be old enough to play in the annual family Turkey Bowl football game.

This is his year. He wakes up Thanksgiving Day, dresses in all of his football finest, and runs downstairs to greet the team -- his whole family. But the kitchen isn't full of aunts and cousins and uncles -- a blizzard has snowed them out. And it looks like the Turkey Bowl just isn't meant to be this year. After all, who could play football in a blizzard? Ethan, that's who!

I was simply a kid, considered 'unteachable' by teachers, 'unreachable' by child psychologists, and 'unbearable' by my own family. My mother's anguished refrain, 'I hope you have one just like you and then you will understand,' still resonates in my mind. I know she didn't mean it. But her wish had come true.

Joshua was just like me. Bruce Roseman's son, Joshua, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, he was determined to give his son the help that wasn't available in his own childhood. Roseman eventually developed a system that enabled Joshua to combat his disability and learn to read. Deeply moving and full of concrete techniques and advice, A Kid Just Like Me is not only a journey of the heart and mind, it is a story of hope for parents and children affected by this all-too-common disorder.

Born to be Queen, Sylvie Krin , , X, Freedom: the story of my second life, Malika Oufkir, Linda Coverdale , , , In Freedom, Malika Oufkir reflects on her life before her cruel incarceration and the dramatic change in the world she discovered when she emerged. Malika's childhood was a storybook fantasy - reared in the palace alongside the king's daughter, she enjoyed unfathomable luxury and privilege.

This came at the sole discretion of the monarch, whose power was absolute and whose word was law. In , the nightmare began: her father was summarily executed for attempting to assassinate the despot, and she was locked away with her mother and siblings, who ranged in age from nineteen to three years old. After a harrowing escape, Malika and her family returned to reclaim their lost lives, only to find the world almost unrecognizable.

Following more years of house arrest, surveillance, and harassment, Malika joined several of her siblings in Paris, to make a new start with her beloved husband Eric. She writes candidly, with humor and accuracy, about the world we take for granted - the excesses of shopping malls and the gluttony of our food-fetishizing culture; the machinations of everyday bureaucracy; the flavor-of-the-month aspects of celebrity, including her own.

Initially, every action was fraught for her; from navigating an ATM to asking directions of a policeman, from ordering in a restaurant to falling in love. But she comes to appreciate her own strengths. Americas favorite crypto-zoological hominid is hilariously recast as the modern-day everyman, struggling with eating disorders, casual cannibalism, pop culture, and philosophical quandaries Me once believe in good.

Now, no.

Who Killed Channel 9? by Gerald Stone

World go shit, just like Bigfoot screenwriting career. Dennis, Mark Rittenberg , , , The Rocking Chair, Random House , ,. The Bumper Book of Insults! A collection of almost derogatory literary and historical quotations, ranging from the venomous to the merely bitchy, and linked by an amusing commentary.

Topaz Fire, B. Rayfield , ,. Armed with a bit of knowledge, women tend to be very good with money.