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While supply lasts, copies are signed by the author. Comrade Trotsky, the Soviet leader, sends his troops to hunt them down—and destroy them. ERB, Already out of print. This special edition, with an exclusive cover of Johnny Weissmueller and Maureen O'Sullivan, was produced in this tiny edition for the Tarzan Film Centennial We were able to obtain all remaining copies direct from ERB, Inc.

ERB Inc. Out of Print. By Al and Allison Bohl.

Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle is a fascinating documentary on the making of the first Tarzan of the Apes film in in Morgan City, Louisiana. Produced by Al Bohl and his daughter Allison Bohl , the film includes the historical setting at the time the film was made and the details of the making of the film.

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Included with the Documentary is the original silent film Tarzan of the Apes set to a new musical score. Signed illustrated bookplate! By Edgar Rice Burroughs. Art by Joe Jusko. This quality softcover, complete with cover flaps, was the first to collect all of Jusko's fine art. No other artist has ever attemped to create a painting for each of ERB's novels FPG, Highly praised by Frank Miller and Alan Moore.

By Dave Gibbons. Includes 32 pages of never-before-seen development art, process pieces, and behind the scenes extras--all annotated by Gibbons. In a retro-futuristic city of industrial gray where hover scooters, music and drugs rule the street, The Originals are the toughest, most stylish gang around. For two childhood friends, nothing is more important than being one of them.

But being part of the crowd will bring its own deadly consequences. Berger, By Darwyn Cooke. Art by Amanda Conner. The controversial, long-awaited prequels to the best-selling graphic novel of all-time are finally here! For over twenty years, the back stories of the now-iconic characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's landmark graphic novel had been the subject of much debate and theorizing. Now, DC Comics assembles their top creators to delve deeper into the world of Watchmen, starting with this first volume about the surprisingly sensual and confused Silk Spectre, and the first days of the retro superhero team, The Minutemen.

DC, By Stan Lee. Art by John Romita.

Hellboy is Horror Comics Done Right - Comic Tropes (Episode 74)

But the true heart of the story is in young Peter Parker finding his way in the world. He finds new independence as he gets his own pad with Harry Osborn, courts Gwen Stacy and, in comics' most unforgettable entrance, meets Miss Mary Jane Watson. Bonus pages include the first concept sketch of Mary Jane, and original art pages. Marvel, Immediately it became a cauldron of bubbling creativity for Wood and his friends to produce their own personal work, without regard to commercial constraints. And that was just the first issue! Fantagraphics, Due Aug.

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We have Kurtzman-esque horror in the EC tradition, a bondage cover, and an anti-Wertham editorial. Mortellero delivers a classic good-girl cover for 5. PS Artbooks, Hey, throw another log on the fire and let's get down to business! By Don Rosa. Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? Plus: "The Beagle Boys Vs. Due July. By Arthur Adams. Sculpted by Jason Smith.

Packaged in a four-color display box, each of these highly-detailed busts celebrates the vampiric vision of one of the industry's finest artists. Both previous Epic collections are available. Volumes 1 and 2 are both available now. See more Star Wars material, and more Al Williamson , on our website. Sets are all in stock, each with a signed bookplate.

Set One is out of print and sold out, although you can still get the individual volumes , both discounted. The individual volumes are all available at the same discounted price, but do not come with the signed bookplate. These books are low in stock, and may have already been marked down once.

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I've marked them down even further just for this listing, to clear them out to make way for new items. First come, first served.

You can see all of our discounted items on the website, under Closeouts at the end of each category such as Artists and Illustration, Comics Related, etc. It's directed by Edwin Brown Erotic Nights. Tijuana Bibles : We recently relisted this collection, the best ever done on the subject, and the softcover copies will probably be sold out by the time you read this. That's the original cover price. Our Catalog and Contact Info. You can also download it here. Our Highest Recommendation.

Sophisticated, with imaginative compositions, brilliant use of color, superb draftsmanship, and good taste, his pictures represented the "Good Life" in the post-war U. They are nearly all most notable for their glamorous women--the ideal of American youth, sophistication and beauty. The ladies are feisty, independent, know their own minds Illustrated Press, By Jean-Pierre Gibrat. It is Paris during the German Occupation in Our heroine in the French Resistance, Jeanne, is in a French jail, about to be turned over to the Nazis.

They walk in the places between shadows, as Gibrat uses the evocative Paris rooftops and river barges on the Seine almost as separate characters. We love this book. The heroine is gorgeous and sexy, characterization is superb, and the water-colored art is stunning. IDW, Mature Readers A stand-alone prequel to the award-winning French album, Flight of the Raven. In occupied France,Young Frenchman Julien escapes from a prisoner-of-war train headed for Germany when it's bombed.

Among the victims a body is identified as his. Dead to the world, he takes advantage of the situation and hides in the small village, living in his secret observation post on the village square. Until the moment comes when, spectator no more, he must become an actor himself and meet his destiny. This hidden life he had hoped to live was just a reprieve.

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Some adult themes and tasteful nudity. Eurocomics, Gary Gianni: Hellboy and Lovecraft! By Mike Mignola and Gary Gianni. Art by Gary Gianni. Hellboy is marooned in the Sargasso Sea, in that misty, inexplicable realm where classic tales of horror begin. The page collection presents every page from the original art, oversized, every page also in original pencils, each one with revealing commentary by both creators.

Plus: the complete, readable MonsterMen story, "A Gift for the Wicked," in the same pencils opposite inks format.

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Flesk, Lovecraft Highly Recommended. Intense and packed with ambiguous literary descriptions, the tale enabled them to explore graphic storytelling and illustrate the text in a unique way. It was a personal project for Gianni, who drew upon not only his experience from illustrating numerous books but also his decades of work in comic books.

By Gary Gianni.

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Gianni's self-published collection of sketches for the George R. Martin bestselling novel, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Three color prelims and pencil drawings, many preliminary drawings that were never used, others changed and developed into the book's illustrations. Gary has generously done a very small pencil drawing in each of our copies.

Full page as well as multiple images of swordfights, characters, encampments, a wedding, a diminutive female archer, royalty, and much more. Ron: It is kind of funny we got to that point. We just realized we could not fit in one more person. I suppose if Gary Larson of The Far Side had been open to interviewing we would have fit him in there.

But ultimately we reached a point where we knew we had filmed enough. Also, our goal did not really include highlighting the most well-known and popular artists in the area. It seems like it must have been a tall order to somehow refine all those stories and interviews down into a minute film. Louise: Yes, it was extremely challenging. There were so many great sound bytes that we could have made a five-hour series. Louise: We ended up transcribing all the video from every interview and highlighting the best sound bytes from each person. We then took those highlights and organized them under general categories we thought were important to tell the story.

Even with this structure I believe our first draft was several hours long.