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Journalbytes General Surgery Last visited Journalbytes Integrative Medicine Last visited Journalbytes Internal Medicine Last visited Journalbytes Pathology Last visited Journalbytes Pediatrics Last visited Journalbytes Radiology Last visited University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Areas of Practice

RAD Educational material updated monthly. Journalbytes Urology Last visited American Urological Association. Three years after date of publication. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management Last visited Wayne State University School of Medicine. Many Physicians.

Active Faculty

One year after date of publication. The Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to helping physicians and managed care decision makers improve outcomes of care. Each online issue of this journal contains an article offering one hour of CME credit. Some recent subjects are: Hospital acquired acute renal failure - what hospitalists need to know; Glycemic control in the hospitalized patient with diabetes mellitus; Inpatient evaluation and management of acute decompensated heart failure; and Adolescent substance use: prevention and management by primary care clinicians.

Fax or mail the evaluation form to receive credit. Many activities have financial support from pharmaceutical companies. Register for the Journal by joining the NetSociety free. This gives you access to most of the CME activities. Audiograph Series Last visited Total of Physicians Postgraduate Press. Text-and-Audio or Slide-Video.

There are now 7 courses, each offering 2 hours. Download the pdf description and print or view online ; then choose the mp3 or Windows Media Player version to hear the audio. Print and mail the quiz along with your check to receive CME credit. Last visited Each issue contains two articles each offering one hour of CME credit. Print and mail the quiz along with check to receive CME credit.

Some are on the same topics and have the same faculty as Audiographs or newsletters.

Urology Pediatric Urology Audio Digest Foundation Urology Continuing Medical Education CME Book 34

JCP Visuals Last visited PDF versions of published newsletters. PCC Visuals Last visited FP, IM, Educ. This newsletter is geared toward primary care physicians who treat psychiatric disorders or who are interested in learning more about them. Online Insights Last visited CNS Discourses Last visited PDF files of published newsletters.

There is currently one credit available: Update on the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

Mario Eisenberger, M.D.

Journal Watch Psychiatry Last visited Massachusetts Medical Society. Each exam includes questions from 50 brief articles on psychiatric topics posted in the 6 months before the exam is due. The exam is in pencil and paper form and must be mailed before each six-month deadline. Journal Watch Women's Health Last visited Each exam includes questions from 50 brief articles on women's health topics posted in the 6 months before the exam is due.

Total of 13 hours. To receive credit, print and mail the answer sheet along with your check. Legal Medicine Last visited Total of 50 hours available. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. This site contains articles concerning legal aspects of medical practice. You will find yearly issues back to ; credit is offered for all issues. I suggest you print and read the pdf files offline.

LipidHealth Last visited Thomson Professional Postgraduate Services. Case-Based-Interactive and others. This site offers four ways to earn CME credits. Interactive Case Studies has 8 modules; each module concerns two patients with lipid disorders and awards one hour of credit. Virtual Case Studies offers one series of two cases. Eight courses, from 0. Total of 5. April 30, Canadian System. The Canadian medical university that develops the course. Osteoporosis course is free. Case-Based-Interactive with online facilitator. GP, FP. The primary emphasis on helping rural MDs to maintain medical competence.

Courses offer credit for US physicians as well as those in Canada. Courses are offered in specific time periods and involve interaction with other students and an instructor.

This is a 3-Step continuing medical education program. In Step 1, Lectures, you are presented with a lecture by experts followed by a posttest. In Step 2, Simulated Patient Encounters, you complete a number of simulated patient encounters with two pediatric and two adult cases and complete a short survey outlining the key points learned.

In Step 3, From Theory to Practice, you list up to five future improvements you will implement into your practice based on the information learned in Steps 1 and 2. Each month you will reflect on this list and your experiences with patients. Additional learning activities will be provided each month through clinical vignettes. You work through an encounter, from initial presentation through the creation of a treatment plan.

Three case simulations followed by expert slide-audio discussion. The cases are: A year-old white man with a history of smoking presents with shortness of breath; A year-old white man presents to the emergency department with a productive cough and worsening shortness of breath; and A year-old black man presents with cough and dyspnea. Two case simulations: a 5-month-old girl with newly diagnosed cystic fibrosis, failure to thrive and cough; and an year-old boy with cystic fibrosis and worsening cough.

The cases are: A year-old Hispanic man with a history of known COPD presents with increasing dyspnea, fatigue, and productive cough; A year-old white woman with a history of mild hypertension, extensive prior tobacco use, and COPD complains of fatigue and increasing dyspnea on exertion; and A year-old white man complains of a cough productive of whitish sputum. One case simulation: A year-old diabetic man presents with persistently elevated blood pressure. Improving Erectile Function Last visited MedCases, Inc.

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Case-Based-Interactive Target Audiences Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline. Eight case simulations of men with erectile dysfunction. After studying these cases, you will be able to recognize erectile dysfunction as a manifestation of underlying medical disease; obtain an appropriate sexual history in the general medical evaluation; identify modifiable risk factors for erectile dysfunction; select appropriate diagnostic testing for erectile dysfunction; and discuss the latest advances in erectile dysfunction management. Insomnia: The Scope of the Problem Last visited One case at present, although 3 additional cases are promised.

Sanofi-Synthelabo, Inc. Upon completion of all components of the program, you should be able to obtain a thorough sleep history; identify the most common etiologies for insomnia; distinguish between insomnia as a presenting symptom and other conditions; recommend appropriate pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic approaches to treatment; and recognize when and how to use hypnotic agents.

Three simulated patient encounters: A year-old white woman presents complaining of abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating; A year-old African American man presents complaining of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and urgency since returning from a trip to Mexico 3 months ago; and A year-old woman presents with severe, alternating diarrhea and constipation.

Most courses offer 1. Indiana State Medical Association. Slide-Audio You also have the option of a text-only version. Most courses will expire in December ; some expire in About half the courses are on clinical topics, and about half concern practice management. MedEd Interactive Ultrasound Last visited Excerpta Medica, Inc.

A set of courses for physicians with special interest in ultrasound. Courses are organized into these groups: cardiovascular , abdomen this is actually tyroid , women's health , and emergency medicine. Texas Department of Health. A discussion of the importance of filling out death certificates correctly. Some of the reasons for doing so are to "assess the general health of the population; examine medical problems which may be found among specific groups of people; indicate areas in which medical research may have the greatest impact on reducing mortality; allocate medical services, funding, and other resources; evaluate prenatal care services and obstetrical programs; and study the causes of adverse pregnancy outcomes in the case of fetal deaths.

About 8 hours. Medical Programs Inc. MedicalRounds Last visited Generally one hour per lecture, total of hours at present. Credit Type Slide-Audio-Lecture or you can choose slides and text. MedicalRounds webcasts multimedia presentations and conferences for many contributing medical groups.

Many Canadian medical schools have contributed lectures to this series. All talks were originally presented at grand rounds of quality educational institutions or at accredited medical meetings. In addition, the website maintains an extensive database of hyperlinks to other free multimedia medical presentations available on the web. Although the courses on this site do NOT offer AMA Category I credit, I have included the site on this list because of the very extensive array of high quality lectures, searchable by medical topic or specialty.

MediCom Worldwide Last visited Janssen and Boehringer Ingelheim. There are now 4 courses in pain management, 21 courses in psychiatry mostly about treatment of psychosis and 6 in gastroenterology primarily about GERD.