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What a great and friendly pet he is! Hahaha I was giggling throughout this entire post especially at the first photo of Amelia, totally lost it. Love it.

Grain-Free Dog Food May Be Causing Heart Problems in Animals

Thanks so much for this post! I bought mine from Whole Foods. Check out A Cozy Kitchen and treat your pup to a pumpkin flavored […]. Sometimes Mose is all cute and he just needs like 20 treats. Love this recipe cause its simple and super fast to make! Thsks you!!! Great idea to use garbanzo flour..

I also just rolled the dough into a long snake flattened slightly with my fingers and cut to fit in Nixies dog toys.

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Hi there, can you freeze the dough, or the cookies, I am thinking about Xmas, and I always run short of time for everything. Love the simplicity of ingredients, less is more.

Can Dogs Have Flour?

I have a corgi named Eddie who is three and adopting a baby corgi next week who will be Jake! Thanks for the recipe! Last year I got Amelia as an Xmas gift and it was mind-blowing.

Is that weird? I love how puppies smell. Hope they like these! I need to make these for Charlie! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I think, this recipe is easy to make and your dog will surely enjoy it. Hi Just found your web-site…my little girl Molly-Bug is about as cute as yours!


We switched her to a good dog food Wellness that has no grain…but still at times were giving her dog treats the main ingredient was GRAIN! I am going to try these and see if it helps my poor sweet baby… Thanks and Happy Holidays! Awww Molly-Bug! Hope she loves them! Happy Holidays! Have you tried almond butter instead of peanut butter? Peanut butter contains arachidonic acid, which in humans, is very hard on the joints. I decrease the garbanzo flour and add in some coconut flour. Kuna my Shiva inu goes nuts over these and peanut butter banana. Can you use pumpkin that was not canned?

I have some puree in my freezer from my extra pumpkins last October. It should be ok. Fresh pumpkin tends to have a bit more water so you may need to add a bit more flour. This recipe did not turn out for me at all! I never got dough! It just stayed like a shortbread consistency. I added more pumpkin, PB and another egg but it was just way too much flour. I was so excited to make this and it was a total flop.

If you can tell me what I might have done wrong I would appreciate it. Honestly bummed! I love this recipe for a few reasons.

Pumpkin is also great for digestion! I can now make these for him and his diet will be completely grain free. Got some Garbanzo flour and will be making them today. Bubba says TY too. My dog has allergies to grains and we changed his food but could not afford treats as well. So this is going to help I can now make his whole diet grain free.

I was at a lost to what flours where usable. I got some Garbanzo flour and will make these today. Thanks for the great recipe…. But this recipe was a disaster for me. Even adding a LOT of extra flour, the dough was so wet and sticky, rolling it was out of the question and yes, I measured very carefully. I did one batch with spoonfuls, but it took forever, since no matter what I used the batter stuck to the spoon. So I added well over a cup of brown rice flour to the remaining batter, until it could actually be rolled.

That batch is in the oven now. Note to anyone else.

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I ended up having to add the rest of the 29oz can of pumpkin I had opened and also a cup of water just to get a dough. Even with adding the ton of extra pumpkin and the extra water it is still lumpy, opted to just take a tablespoon and scoop it out and flatten them into biscuits by hand… baking them now. I officially worship you. When I was little middle school-ish my mom would pick me up from school and my first dog, Sammie, would always come along. We had a long driveway and everyday on the ride home Sammie would naturally hang out the window like Amelia, and every time I was hanging out of my window with him.

It really was the best feeling, lol. Thank you for sharing that! Ok, so I have to admit, I was a little frustrated by the stickiness of this dough. I rolled it out twice to heavily floured wax paper and had to literally scrape it up with my fingers. Before throwing in the towel completely, I decided to put it in a floured bowl and refrigerate it for about 30 minutes.

Linda ~ Blessed Beyond Crazy (kingdlinda) on Pinterest

It rolled out beautifully. I used small heart shaped cookie cutters and they were adorable! Oh and I also opted to make my own peanut butter as to avoid any added sugars. My Chloe loves them!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe!! Love the recipe yesterday, it was fun and Harvey my dog was smiling!! Thank you for sharing. Do the dog biscuits freeze well or will they fall apart after freezing them?

They do like peanut butter so I though I could get some pumpkin in them using this recipe, no way! They both snift them and walked away, I even tried showing them I would eat them. Recipe Rating. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Much more flattering.

Serving Size: 16 cookies.

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