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This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. About this pattern. My Colourful Blanket. About this yarn. Click Chunky with Wool. Marble Chunky. Special Chunky. Simply Chunky. More from Hayley Joanne Robinson. I used Pinterest to help find things that make me happy and this can just be anything. I put this into a document, print them, cut them and stick them in the book. This helps focus my mind and also soak up some positive thinking. Here's an example of this;. Recently, I have also turned to knitting and that helps me get through too.

I was going to add to the end of this post about my recently finished knitting and my current projects but this post is all ready too long as I'll leave it like this now. I hope that things do get sorted for me soon and that things can change. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my other blog.

Labels: anxiety , blog , car , creative writing , depression , happy book , illness , mental health , money , positive , quotes , stories , work. I'm currently really ill due to my long term illness, which I'm still in debates about writing a blog post on. Though I do feel the need to do this more and more just get some of my frustrations out!

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Anyway, this is a much nicer post today and it's about all the things I - and I one thing my mum made- have been knitting. Normally, I just put them into other Update posts but I've not been up to writing much lately. Though my short story a day blog is sill going - more out of habit then anything else. First off, let's start with the dog soft toy that's heading this post. He's so cute and snugly! He's made of Sirdar snuggly snowflake for the white bits and a soft double knit with a main brown colour and a mixed colour pattern - which didn't turn out that great- for the body but it makes him look different.

I didn't give him a lot of stuffing because I wanted him soft and squidgy.

I have enough wool to make 4 or 5 more and my plan is to do one for my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday and then one each for when my brothers and their partners have kids. These doggies are so cute and simple to knit as it's all squares and rectangles. I can't wait to knit another one! I do like knitting baby stuff even though I'm not knitting with anyone in mind. I guess if and when I do get around to having babies all these knitted things will be useful. I think the main reason I like knitting baby stuff is because it's quick to finish things and you can knit easy or hard patterns, plus, the things are so cute!

Booties were the first baby thing I made and I also learnt to increase with this pattern. I like to try and make different kinds of booties now. These ones below, I made in my favourite colour purple and added large star buttons to the front. I really like how they turned out. Also, making baby booties let's you practise different knitting techniques and they are super cute!

The other baby things I like knitting is baby jackets. My mum found a real simple pattern which is just one rectangle for the back, two rectangles for the front panels and two smaller rectangles for the sleeves.

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There is no increasing or decreasing and it's just the plain knit stitch. Plus, its made of chunky wool so it knits real fast. I've made a few of these jackets now and I've adapted the pattern to be made in double knit wool. My last jacket, I made out of Sirdar snuggly snowflake chunky and I decided the wool was so nice and I had many balls of it, I wanted to make it into a coat instead. With my mum's help, I learnt to add rows to make the length bigger. Once done, I also wanted to make a hood and mum helped me to that and add the little bear ears on top!

To finish, large star buttons which I learnt how to make button holes for. I'm really happy with how this coat turned out! It looks so snuggly and warm for winter time. I've more wool to knit other jackets out of, including wool that is pattern to knit up like little flowers, I can't wait to try that one out!

That's actually on my to do list next. The last thing I made and finished was this cute little bear comforter. I had problems making the head because I couldn't get the increase right. I got too frustrate with it and mum made it for me. I did the rest of it though because the ears, arms and blanket were easier. Once again it's made out of Sirdar snuggly snowflake and just snuggly for the bear bits. This bear comes from the same pattern book as the dog. The bear turned out well, even though I had bit of trouble with it!

I'm not I'll be making another one any time soon, even though I have the wool to make a blue one. My mum has also been knitting baby things but of late, she's been making bits of pieces of things including a tea cosy and a regency doll's costume dress. She also made this little sheep.

He come from a kit that someone give me ages ago but I can't do the little loop pattern, so mum made it instead.

It took her ages because she had re-learn how to to the loop and the sheep is quite small too! The sheep turned out really well and mum didn't put a lot of stuffing in, so it's real squishy. There's a also a lamb in the box still to be made too, I want to say I'll have a go at making it, but I doubt it.

For now this sheep is living on my bedside table and become a perfect comforter for my anxiety attacks. It's not just me and my mum that love wool, our dog Patch does too! She loves cuddling up to whatever wool ball we are using but the softer the better, though she's not a fan of fluffy stuff.

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She often sleeps between us or behind one of us whilst we knit and if the wool ever gets stuck, Patch is often the cause! Rainbow Blanket Project. As part of my wool order for the Sirdar snuggly snowflake, I got this one called rainbow splash. I love all the bright colours! My first try though didn't turn out wide enough and you can see how thick the lines are in the photo above compared to the two below. I decided, despite having knitted almost a ball and half, that I did like the size of it, so once again I undid all my work and give this wool a third attempted!

This time though, I liked it better and it's wide enough now too. Since my re-start, I've been trying to work on this blanket as much as possible, it's been maybe around two-three months now and I have four balls left to knit in. As you can see from my recent photo, this blanket has grown!

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I really hope to get it finished by the end of this month and of course I shall post a photo when it's complete. It'll be put to a good use in the future, I'm sure. That's it for this post, thanks for reading and happy knitting! Labels: baby , booties , creative , dog , hobby , illness , knitting , patterns , rainbow blanket , skills , teddy bear , toy , wool. This Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I didn't make any plans, partly because he was at work and I've not been feeling well these last few weeks.

I just want over to his and he made us dinner which was a chicken tray bake. He's not good at cooking as I really appreciate him making the effort. It tasted really nice.