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The movie goes for feels in all the wrong places and that's really because of the script and the casting choice of Carrey.

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The original worked quite well. After all, the premise of a couple who has lost everything trying to regain their financial success through a life of crime is something that's always relatable. It's not just Jim Carrey that ruined this remake but his over-the-top performance definitely took us out of a story that was influenced by real-life events. In short, it was kind of disrespectful while including some of the most disconnected scenes in Jim Carrey-history. There are barely any scenes that Jim Carrey actually gets to show off much in the way of comedy, even though the film was billed as such.

Carrey's personality switches have their moments, but for the most part, they're totally over-done and feel like they belong in a mediocre Saturday Night Live sketch. Let's be fair and say that Jim Carrey isn't the main reason why Yes Man failed.

Not So Fast

Even the effortlessly charming Zooey Deschanel couldn't elevate the material. However, Carrey's choice to take the film in the first place is probably a notable reason why it flopped. After all, the story, as well as his performance in it, was unbelievably similar to his much better film, Liar Liar. Seriously, many of the same beats from Liar Liar are in Yes Man , but they're written and acted so much more poorly. This is why we focus on Carrey as the main reason that the film was ruined. If it had been a different actor who took the character in an original direction, perhaps the piece would have taken off.

Carrey is a fine dramatic actor. But none of the charismatic and engaging choices that he made in films like The Truman Show were present in The Number The film was poorly written to begin with, but it could have been interesting if an actor like Robert Downey Jr. Sure, it would have been a bad Robert Downey Jr.

But Carrey's character s is totally uninteresting and that's because he chose to go incredibly small with his presence. Sure, it was one of his first performances, so we can cut him some slack. But his performance felt like an hourlong commercial for Club Med instead of an actual living, breathing character. The fact that the film had basically no script surely didn't help.

But both Carrey and Thicke are known for their improvisational skills. So, one would think that Carrey would have helped elevate the film to new comedic heights.

However, we were left tumbling down a snow-capped mountain like a wary snowboarder caught in an angry avalanche. There's no way that the Ace Ventura movies would have worked without Jim Carrey. This is especially true for the first one which had huge financial risk when it was made. After all, who wanted to see a blockbuster about a pet detective? But, low and behold, it was a smash-hit and easily one of Carrey's most famous performances. If you read the script, you'd see that there wasn't anything particularly special about it.

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Despite a couple of well-written lines, it's a pretty paint-by-the-numbers storyline. But it was drastically elevated by Carrey.

The same can be said for the sequel, When Nature Calls , which has one of the funniest sequences involving a rhino ever put on-screen. Sequels are known for going far bigger than the films that came before them. Therefore, it was only natural for Anchorman 2 to go increase the number of celebrity cameos that contributed to the memorability of the first film. But it just went totally overboard with them, showing us how lazy the film actually was. Of course, he played up every single stereotype there is about Canadians to the point that it was completely cringe-worthy. Popper's Penguin s is a perfectly fine children's movie.

The marketing of the film probably didn't appeal to the majority of the audience reading this article, but somebody must have thought the trailer looked okay. But it was Jim Carrey's lead performance in the film that felt the most reused.

Toast The Coast-Jane Fonda "Life verses Oil"

Seriously, Carrey brought every one of his divorced dad tropes from his previous movies, as well as every character from notable films about the same subject matter. At the very least, Carrey appeared to be having fun on-screen. It's just too bad that nobody else was.

It starred Laura Hutton as a vampire countess living in the 20th century and desperately trying to find the right person to take that precious red stuff from. Hutton was perfectly fine in this really dull B-movie, but the year-old Jim Carrey was particularly awful. Although he was certainly more interesting to watch come the second half of the movie when he's turned into a vampire, the first half is enough to make us tune out. Seriously, Carrey was at his most boring in his film. Sure, he didn't have good material to play with, but there's seldom a moment we see his sheer genius shine through the junk.

When it comes to poorly executed and undeserved sequels, Kick-Ass 2 may be the most notable. However, the film would have been a lot better if Jim Carrey hadn't botched his extended cameo as Colonel Stars and Stripes. The Colonel was the antithesis of practically every one of Carrey's previous characters. Although we love when actors take on something different, we just couldn't buy him in this role whatsoever.

To make matters worse, just when we started to see a moment or two of something different from him, the script takes him right out. Frankly, Carrey and this entire film are totally unfortunate. We know you didn't see The Bad Batch. That's okay. You don't want to. Jim Carrey, who played an apostolic hermit mute, was dropped into the middle of the movie and doesn't utter a word. This is definitely a change from the normal rapid-fire Carrey performances, but it's just downright weird.

Not only does this segment feel pretty out of place, but Carrey doesn't do anything interesting with it. That is, aside from pushing his shopping cart around only to stop and help a few people out. It felt like the writers just wanted a big star right smack in the middle of the film to distract us from how bad it was. But even with his A-List status, the film went straight to DirectTV while serving a short theatrical run. This is clearly because nobody trusted Carrey with the material.

However, the script itself felt like a B-version of so many great films and television shows before it. In Dark Crimes , Carrey played an obsessive cop who hides behind his overgrown beard and his mumbling Polish accent, something that Carrey totally butchered, while trying to solve crimes connected to a celebrated novelist. The idea for Carrey's performance was there but he just seemed too out of place for the film, which was barely good, to begin with. The concept of pitting Jim Carrey against funny-man Steve Carrell certainly seemed like a good idea in concept.

However, the execution of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was just a downright failure. It's safe to say that every incredibly talented actor in this film, including Carrell, Steve Buscemi, James Gandolfini, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, and of course, Carrey, totally botched it. Although the script was poor, if the actors were able to strike the right tone, they could have had something somewhat interesting on their hands.

Queen Jane, Approximately

Carrey, in particular, did a poor job with this film as his character was by far the most over-the-top and annoying. We could definitely blame the director, but Carrey could have made some more intelligent choices here. There were certainly some issues with Ron Howard's take on this Dr. Seuss classic.